A message to the readers of MangaPlanet for the publication of First Love Story: Shino x Asuka Story.




I was delighted learn that "Hatsukoi Signal" [Shino & Asuka] version (based on favary's original work), published by parsola, will be published overseas.

I'm Kosame Tamaki, who wrote the text for the novelization.

Hopefully, I hope that Asuka &shino's will help you feel that this is the kind of love you want to have. Or for those of you who already have a crush on someone, I hope it will lead you to believe that your feelings are not wrong.

I was a teenager a long time ago.
But I do remember those days.
Since I was very young, I have only been in love with girls. When I was in kindergarten and elementary school, I was always talking to a girl who "had a boy in love". But I was always, always in love with the girls who talked about it, and with the female teachers themselves.

As an adult and a communicator, I am honored to be able to be a part of the story of girls and their love affair with girls in any way I can. I'm sure my teenage self would be delighted to know what I'm doing now and how far the lily genre has expanded to such an extent.

I am also, in a big way, a reader of this upcoming novelization.

Love is also something that is earned by experiencing "love for that person" for the first time. And first love is exceptional because it's the only and first time you've ever experienced it for yourself.
Just as Anne of Green Gables said that it's wonderful whether it's cloudy in the morning or rainy in the evening, our first love is wonderful no matter what it is. First love is wonderful no matter what kind of thing it is, whether it's unrequited love or heartbreak.

About ten years ago, I was so disappointed in the world that I couldn't feel happiness or sadness, let alone love.
But just remembering my first love gave me the courage to walk again.

The feeling of respect and love for my first love, without contradiction, has remained with me forever.
No matter how well written a novel by a great writer or how famous a movie is, nothing can lift me up to that level when me hit rock bottom.
The first time I fall in love with someone and learn to respect them is a treasure.

Even though they are the same girl, Shino and Asuka are very different types. Just like how Shino and Asuka walked and fell in love, even very different people can talk and understand each other. There are not only two kinds of people. I think that much is certain.

The game this piece is based on is called “Hatsukoi Signal”, which is a great game. I'd like to express my gratitude once again to the many people involved in the original game, to everyone who suggested the novelization, and to Mis.Aoto Hibiki for the wonderful illustrations.

I hope that Shino and Asuka are the best friends of a troubled person.
I pray that their cheerful appearance will encourage and guide the people who are suffering, even if only a little. I pray that they will be that kind of person.

Thanks for reading to the end.
Please enjoy the work.